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Videos of Goodness was started by Cody Mahan and his wife Kasey. Brides thoroughly enjoyed how friendly Cody and Kasey were and appreciated the high quality of their work. On the side Cody released an application called HailStrike. It slowly became a steady source of income and encouraged Cody to dream bigger. Mid 2012 Cody decided to make a go of it! He sold Videos of Goodness to a trusted friend and went on to focus on developing HailStrike.

Less than a year later and with the help of several investors, a partner, an experienced CEO, and a strong development team; HailStrike is now valued at more than 3 million dollars. Way to go Cody!!! So head over to and check out the great work Cody is doing with tracking hail storm damage.

Videos of Goodness is now part of Simple Joy Media. A production company started by Jonathan Flower, and created to focus on delivering video production in a way that is simple an enjoyable. This fit very nicely with the friendly and high quality work Cody and Kasey were doing. Since then, Videos of Goodness has taken the quality and the creativity of these wedding videos to a whole new level.

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